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To conserve man?


Written by Scare Crow for The Initiative Group


As Britain enters into what seems to be another unseasonably warm spring, the talk of climate change is likely to make its first UK appearance for the year. In short order, one should expect to see headlines  speaking of the threat mans activities bare to the planet, its eco systems and subsequently what must be done to prevent it.

The climate is undeniably changing. Anyone living in Britain will no doubt agree on the strange weather patterns of recent years and an appearance of confusion in the seasons, no longer clearly defined, the seasons do not operate as they once did and sayings such as “april showers” may no longer be needed.

There are however many scientific reasons for this that have nothing to do with what the economists at the IPCC say. In fact what the IPCC says is completely fabricated and there is no scientific consensus on anthropogenic climate change with thousands of scientists refusing to put their name to it. Needless to say you wont hear much about this but instead will be horrified by stories of drowning polar bears (that happen to be able to swim for hundreds of miles), the urgent need for you to pay more for everything to live and that children are bad for the environment. Needless to say this is all ludicrous.

One should note that conservation has its origins in British india and was used to prevent locals from farming land. The British imperial system would acquire resources (in this case forest) and thus ensure the population be dependant upon it for food. There are similar stories throughout the third world if one takes a minute to look. On the global scale the real agenda behind the climate  hype is to shut down the rapidly advancing economies of the BRICS,  secure and withhold vast resources required for further human development, de-industrialise western nations and tax and control populations.

Yes the climate is changing. Yet this is not unusual, and the changes that are taking place are likely caused by the suns solar cycle which simultaneously cools or warms other planets in the solar system, which as far as we know do not harbour oil burning organisms.

NASA ice core data. source

Clearly nothing strange occurring.

The facts are that CO2 is a trace gas in our atmosphere that is essential for life. Millions of years ago the dinosaurs roamed an  environment many times more abundant in CO2. Due to the symbiotic relationship between plants and animals, the planet at this time sustained life far beyond the scale we would recognise today. Huge organisms thrived in the warm CO2 rich environment. The climate has always changed and this process has been both natural and cyclical. In Roman times, vines were grown as far north as Hadrian’s Wall and olives were cultivated elsewhere in England

People however, ignore what they wish.

Religious climate change  disciples who have probably never done any of their own research, suggest that the scientists which refute man-made climate change are operatives, corrupted by big oil and not to be trusted. People should pay attention to the fact that any extra cost placed on carbon emissions by a tax on fossil fuel consumption will be paid by the consumer not the corporation pumping oil. Also big oil companies are major players in the renewables market and have positioned themselves well to operate and own the infrastructure of the post fossil fuel world. And finally,  Big Oil companies support climate legislation and even encourage governments “to step up” with solid regulatory frameworks.

Why wouldn’t they, what do they stand to lose?




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