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Written by Tin Man on behalf of The Initiative Group


Imagine how the view of nuclear energy might change if a new and abundant source of nuclear fuel were to be discovered. If that energy source harboured no real possibility of creating weapons-grade material as part of the process; if the waste materials half-life remained toxic for hundreds and not thousands of years; and if the power stations that harnessed it were much smaller presenting no real risk of massive explosions.

Well, luck might have it that such a material has been discovered, precisely 184 years ago to be exact.  In 1828 Swedish chemist Jöns Jakob Berzelius was presented with a black material which he considered a “new earth” distinct from all others known, clearly understanding its potential energy usage he named it after the norse god of thunder.

Thorium is a radioactive naturally occurring element, its symbol is TH and its atomic number 90. It is thought to be three to four times more plentiful than uranium and is the by-product of other mining processes. Early examples of reactors utilising the fuel Thorium exist, the first being the first core at the Indian Point Energy Center in 1962.

You may be wondering why you have not heard of Thorium, and with all its benefits, why its has not been used more widely. The answer to this is clear.

Fortunately for mankind, its is only the western powers that intend to withhold energy technologies, limit the supply needed for further human development, de industrialise nations and fabricate moral reasoning for doing so.  Thankfully, further east, the not so domesticated populations demand energy, and Greenpeace’s call to “end the nuclear age” falls on deaf ears. Thorium powered nuclear energy is being pursued by the contesting leaders of science, Russia and China.

With Russia and China encouraging co operations amongst their neighbours and the US hell-bent on destroying them, the growing strategic partnerships that are emerging will certainly further the threat to western dominance and result in the inevitable call to arms.


It does make us wonder, whatever will they try next.


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