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Spring time in Bradford


Written by Dorothy Gale for The Initiative Group


In recent days we have had much talk of the Respect party’s shock victory in Bradford west that saw the arguably insane George Galloway receive a 56% share of the total vote. This could represent a turning point says The Guardian, a change in the political landscape of Britain, a country dominated by three (two) political parties whose delusional members prance around people’s television sets and hire armies of PR bodies in an effort to gather even a modicum of credibility.

We feel that this does indeed represent a turning point in British politics, however we do not necessarily see a turn for the better. To clarify, The Initiative Group and its members hold no objection to minorities, minority voters or minority candidates having a seat at the table of  our democracy. In a democracy, everyone’s voice should be heard.

Britain is a predominantly (90.8%) white, yet culturally and ethnically diverse country that functions well and relatively harmoniously, with very few race related incidents in the last 20 years. After all, the majority of people prefer to collect friends than enemies. Having said this, the nation has however witnessed the emergence of  several “right-wing” and reactionary groups that object to multiculturalism and the so-called “islamification” of Britain. Regardless of the credibility of these claims, they are certainly relevant, as they represent the concerns and fears amongst another (perhaps growing) minority of our population. If we accept one minority voice we must also accept another and another and another.

With growing poverty in Britain, where incomes vary greatly from county to county, happenings such as that seen in Bradford West, an area of Yorkshire with some of the poorest levels of social deprivation in the UK and rates of unemployment in some wards exceeding 25%, we witnessed an MP stand on top of a parked car and shout “All praise to Allah!” to a large cheering crowd. This is a reckless and provocative action that certainly alienates people within his own constituency and makes him, in our view, unstable and unfit for office. Such behaviour is without doubt confirmation to the dormant “right wingers” that the country is indeed being “Islamified”. Galloway’s irresponsible acts should see him thrown out immediately for encouraging racial and religious tension.

The National crisis becomes clearer as we investigate MP George Galloway’s victory a little further. He was, amongst other things, elected in what he disturbingly refered to as the “Bradford spring“, for his international views such as peace in Palestine and Iraq. Regardless of how morally superior such views may or may not be, National leaders should not be elected upon their internationalist views that frankly they can do absolutely nothing to enforce, and nor should they try. An MP’s prime concern should be the lives of his or her fellow countrymen. They should belong to the people, to the Nation.

The situation is tense, fragile even. As the economy continues to contract and more people are forced to live with less, lives become more strained and unemployment and crime levels rise, the tactics of cheap politics of the kind employed by George Galloway are sure to be repeated, and no doubt successfully. The question remains, which “minority” will be next.

There is a very real and frightening situation emerging. We are seeing the gradual fragmenting of British society and the United Kingdom in its current stable format.  Talk of Scottish secession dominates the radio waves and statements from Ken Livingston proposing “A republic of london”are just the beginning of the drive towards the dismemberment of the UK along cultural, religious and economic lines.

With politicians eager to pray on others misfortune and manipulate groups for their own agenda, and as nationalism fades, the concept of shared values that unites people will be lost leaving nothing but a series of vulnerable minorities.


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