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“Racist! Get him”


Written By Tin Man for The Initiative Group


In the spring of 2012 there have been numerous incidents of racism being brought to the citizens of Britain and the USA. The shooting of Trayvon Martin in America and our own slightly more moderate Met scandal, has resulted in race based demonstrations and public outrage.

We ask our readers, as usual, to not get emotional and think in terms of cause and effect.

Isn’t it a strange coincidence that race becomes the talk of America and Britain at exactly the same time? That race related scandals happen to emerge simultaneously? We certainly think so, and we cannot ignore the coordination that is evident. In the United States, an unpopular African-American president is running for re-election and the establishment media’s job is to distract and diffuse public sentiment and turn the people against one another in order to crush the threat of organised dissent and a united public force. In order to achieve this they turn the shooting of a young black male with the twitter handle of “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA” into a race issue of black and white, which in itself is, inherently racist.

As our readers know, such methods have been implemented by empires in the past to break national resistance. And indeed successfully.

Back across the pond to our own shores, the recent enquiry into the alleged racism within the Met has been heavily publicised, a total of ten cases are to be dug up and investigated and the force itself has been shamed. The message is clear, “black people” are singled out by the predominantly white police force and are targeted due to the colour of their skin. We do not question the statistics that suggest “black people” are 26 times more likely to be stopped and searched than “whites”, equally so, we do not question the statistics that suggest only 1/1000 of stop and search cases are justified. In fact, if we are to analyze the situation for what it is, then we should completely ignore all supporting statistics that portray “black people” as victims or criminals for this is not relevant to the larger forces at play. We must challenge the law itself, not focus on whom it may be used against, for this may and will change with time.

To put this into perspective we only need examine two very recent incidents of “racism” in Britain.

The first example; a 21 year old student of Swansea university, going by the name of Liam Stacey, is sent to prison for 56 days for posting “vile and abhorrent”  comments on twitter regarding the collapse of footballer Fabrice Muamba. Swansea Magistrates’ Court, District Judge John Charles stated: “In my view, there is no alternative to an immediate prison sentence.

The second; a black man uses his mobile phone to record officer PC Alex MacFarlane use racist language towards him: “The problem with you is you will always be a nigger”. He was told. After receiving a file about the incident from the IPCC, and regardless of the audio evidence, the CPS initially decided not to charge Mr MacFarlane and the two other officers who were “allegedly” involved. Since then, one of the officers has been suspended pending the result of the IPCC investigation.

What we see here is a young citizen being subjected to the full force of the law for what the BBC termed “racially offensive comments” and a civil servant, a police officer, who is supposedly protecting the public, being given a mild sentence of temporary suspension from work for what is categorically racist language. Alarming, no doubt?

As this continues on, the service entrusted to serve and protect will be further vilified in the minds of the public, and greater numbers of good men and women will no longer wish to be part of such an institution,  less will join and many will leave. What will be left are the thugs and brutes that hold no objection to enforcing unjust and unrepresentative laws as long as they are given the protection of state to exercise their perverted and aggressive tendencies. These kind of officers are valuable implements of the state, but they are certainly not the hallmark of a free society.

This is the system we have allowed our government(s) to create; it is a sophisticated model set up as necessary for authoritarianism and control. In order to fully loot a nation, in order to fully enslave it with as little resistance as possible, one must turn the people against themselves and ensure law enforcement officers enjoy enforcing the law without question and without compromise.

We are in crisis. The money changers are engaged in theft and robbery and the government is raising our taxes in order to pay off their debts. Our social fabric is declining. An MP declares “Bradford spring” in England and panders to Muslim votes while the Prime Minister demonises Islam beyond our shores. Mixed messages indeed. The media continually portrays our leaders as inept and out of touch, clueless and bungling, but the British establishment has prepared well for what is coming. The surveillance state was built by people who know the consequences of their actions, and that they will be unpopular.  Clueless is a far lesser charge than cunning, or criminal and such labels are thus fostered and encouraged by the press.

The only solution, embracing the Nationalist spirit. True Nationalism, with no criteria other than being British. If you care for your fellow countrymen and are prepared to stand with them then you qualify. It is only such a philosophy that can unite the people and re institute the unshakable spirit of strength in numbers. We must unite under the national flag and retake what is ours by right. To succeed we must move as one, disregard petit differences. The enemy will continually try to distract and confuse, but we must stand together.

In the words of one of our founders, “Those who sleep all day, who do not witness the sun setting, will certainly never see light”.




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