IG is a political action group and research body with the intent of assisting the current order draw to a close.

About IG


The Policy makers, writers and organisers of The Initiative Group are a group of young British males from mixed ethnic backgrounds, all in their early 20’s. They are from the East midlands and East london. All have modest upbringings and have similar interests, namely in science, engineering, history and politics. Their primary concern and issues they cover relate directly to British taxpayers and their wellbeing.


IG considers the current political class to be illegitimate and unfit for office and thus advocates their removal.

IG is neither liberal nor conservative and stands aside the playing field set up to contain true political thinking. We hold no allegiance to officialdom.

In brief, we stand for the people of Britain, we stand for you. We intend to assist in the rebuilding of a nation and a new national consciousness.


We support all taxpaying citizens of Britain. Pro flat tax, free markets and freedom.

We are patriots who oppose globalism. We consider our politics to be Nationalist, in the sense that we wish to protect the public from international interests.

Our camp comprises solely of thinking people, we do not discriminate. Feel free to offer suggestions and submit articles by contacting;


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