IG is a political action group and research body with the intent of assisting the current order draw to a close.



Russia bolsters central asian military presence

New microchip knows exactly where you are

US, Israel issue ultimatums to Iran

China India ‘time for closer ties’

UK police look to use new chemical based riot control weapons

london prestigious Savoy Hotel to face financing problems?

Syrian forces fire across turkish border

Polar bear population continues to grow

US backed Syrian opposition poses serious threat to Russia

Meteorologists are Global warming skeptics

UK economy barely moves by 0.1% and contracts by 2% in real terms

Poles come clean on CIA prisons

Bankers love sex (trading)

Coal saved the forest

Livingstone announced he will “declare independence” for London

Bernanke tells congress current path unsustainable, severe collapse imminent

UK government plans to read all emails and track all website views

Electricity and carbon dioxide used to generate alternative fuel

Food inflation – Corn prices surge, wheat gains most in five months

FDA will deny the National Resources Defense Council’s petition to prohibit the use of bisphenol A

Iran is helping ally Syria sell oil to China

The sweet spot for achievement

UK border agency to trial X-rays

UK house prices fall most in two years

GMO corn and weight gain

former MF Global executive declines to testify

Turkish Prime Minister: Military threats against Iran unacceptable

italian paper claims Merah was french intelligence asset

western powers support groups using child soldiers

Obama moves ahead with industry shut down (see this and this)

Dovish sentiment from the BOE

In the Beginning There Was…What?

The age of the shadow Bank run

Alcohol Intake And Cognitive Functioning

PIMCO says FED may hint at QE3 in april

Student Loan Debt Reaches $1 Trillion

Mercury tied to autoimmune diseases

China in a tug of war between two Sudan’s

peer-reviewed science contradicting the warming “consensus”   (see here)

Obama, Iranian nuclear standoff diplomacy  “solution was closing.”

Israel using permanent base in Iraqi Kurdistan to launch cross-border intelligence missions into iran

Obama blames iran for rising oil price’s

Global oil price may hit $240 if Iran closes Hormuz: IHS   (see here)

now more Americans in jail than there were in Stalin’s Gulags

Police attack Portuguese people protesting austerity measures

US secretary of state warns of water wars in coming decade


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