IG is a political action group and research body with the intent of assisting the current order draw to a close.

Where we stand


Tax cuts

  • IG does not support policies that only benefit privileged individuals.
  • IG tax cuts would be for all. Rich or poor, you would receive an equal reduction in the percentage of tax that you pay on personal income.
  • Business rates and corporate taxes would be reduced indiscriminately. Large and small businesses would receive equal measure. (Such an environment would make it easier for small business to compete which in turn limits the size of the larger companies on grounds of merit rather than mandate.)


Spending cuts

  • IG’s spending cuts would match our tax cuts in value terms, therefore not increasing the deficit while simultaneously giving people their money back.
  • We challenge the system of so-called free healthcare that our country is so proud of on the simple grounds of it not being free. In fact the NHS budget in 2012 is set to cost over £1500 per person and well over £4000 per household. This is by no means free healthcare and under IG’s policies a large sum of this money would be returned to you giving you the power to decide what’s best. We ask the question, with such an annual windfall could you afford higher quality private health care and or insurance?
  • IG recognises the need for real spending cuts as a stark reality. The British government borrows in excess of £15,000,000 per hour in order to function. The British people are the ones who owe the money. It is not the government’s debt it is your debt it is your money. The current national debt stands at over £17,000 per person.
  • Needless to say this cannot go on indefinitely and our day of reckoning is approaching at speed. We need radical cuts now to reduce our debt dependency and preserve our future. This unfortunately includes some front line services like the police, the NHS and welfare as well as less important roles played by many council offices. Spending less is our only option.


State infrastructure investment

  • IG infrastructure spending would be paid for by savings made elsewhere.
  • These would include massive public works programs, road, national rail and power generation projects all using the latest and cleanest technology and employing thousands without extracting extra funds from you or your business.



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